Bright Clarifiers and Sand Filters

As light hours protract, the water heats up and free drifting single cell green growth flourish. This is especially obvious when a pond is very much filtered. The nitrate content ascents and extra food is accessible for the tiny plants. The outcome is an algal sprout and the water becomes green. Bright clarifiers working in the germicidal area of the UV light range can be consolidated into koi pond frameworks to kill the green growth and keep green water under control. The green growth is killed when they pass nearby the bright light emanated from the lamp. The dead cells flocculate out and choose the pond or filter floor.

uv lamp vijver

The UV lamp has a restricted usable existence of around a half year, so transform it routinely for the best impact, preferably spring. Simultaneously, clean the quartz sleeve to guarantee greatest productivity from the lamp. The quartz sleeve isolates the lamp from the water streaming past it. Take care when taking care of quartz tubes, as they are exceptionally weak and will break without any problem. Detach the UV unit from the power supply prior to changing the cylinder or cleaning the quartz sleeve. Try not to turn the unit on again until it is reassembled, on the grounds that light from the lamp can harm your eyes.

Since uv lamp vijver plans fluctuate, it is hard to compute the size of unit needed for a pond. Actually, take a look at the producer’s guidelines prior to settling on any choices. These strain units have been being used in the swimming pool industry for a long time. They can be remembered for a koi pond establishment to give fine clean to the water after it leaves the filter. To keep them from obstructing, they will require back flushing to squander consistently. This activity normally needs a tension siphon for proficient purifying. The sand they contain will likewise require changing every once in a while.