Disinfect the carpet

Old carpets have often been badly damaged over the years.If the carpet comes into contact with various types of dirt, bacteria will form in the carpet over time. This can happen, for example, through a dog’s feces.¬† Both¬†office deep cleaning and disinfect the carpet properly is very important without negligence.

If carpets start to smell unpleasant, you should definitely act. This can happen for a variety of reasons, such as storage that is too humid or constant contact with dirt and moisture.

In order to clean and disinfect the carpet in the best possible way, you should think about which way you want to go. There are some inexpensive carpet cleaners available on the market that can remove unpleasant odors, bacteria and mold from the carpet. Alternatively, you can get the carpet hygienically clean again with a wet cleaner or carpet cleaning machine.

A good product for removing bacteria, fungi and special viruses from carpets are manynowadyas and they are available in market for disinfection and hygiene spray. This can not only be used on the carpet, but also on upholstery, kitchen and bathroom surfaces, shoes and insoles. Clean the carpet with a vacuum cleaner or carpet cleaning machine.

Old dirty stains often require more than just a simple carpet cleaner. One should also know about so-called washer – extractors .These can easily be borrowed from various drugstores. All you have to do is leave a deposit and buy the right cleaning concentrate.

These devices work according to the so-called spray extraction process. During cleaning, the water / cleaner mixture is sprayed directly onto the carpet and immediately sucked up again. This washes the dirt out of the carpet, so to speak. Depending on the extent of the cleaning, the carpet then needs a few days to dry.