Ethical Hacking: Do You Have What It Takes To Become One? – READ HERE

Ethical Hacking: Do You Have What It Takes To Become One? – READ HERE

            Imagine a role in which your main emphasis is breaking into the network of your employer. Imagine getting handsomely paid for doing so. Now more than ever, governments, private companies, health-care organizations, intelligence agencies, and financial institutions are turning to ethical hackers in their IT infrastructure to assess vulnerabilities. Sometimes referred to as “white hats” or “penetration testers,” ethical hackers, like InstaPwn password hacker, hack lawfully and for all the right reasons – to find security loopholes in the computer systems and networks of an enterprise before being found and abused by the bad guys.

These non-malicious hackers, whose programming and networking skills are typically strong, are well versed in:

  • Carrying out network recognition
  • Technology application, including Online and Mobile Applications
  • Using broadband networks
  • Attacks at Denial of Service ( DoS) launch
  • Evading firewalls and devices for intrusion detection

Hard competencies needed for ethical hackers

Ethical hackers are stepping into the hacker’s shoes. We find vulnerabilities that someone who looks from a reasonable user’s perspective may overlook. So what does an ethical hacker should be? Above all, comprehensive knowledge of computer networks, systems, and applications. You need to have intricate knowledge of the systems you are attempting to exploit, and you need to understand the underlying details clearly.

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            It is recommended that you have a computer science bachelor’s or master’s degree or a similar field, along with courses in network security, ethical hacking, and penetration testing.

Soft competencies needed for ethical hackers

Nevertheless, being a successful ethical hacker is not limited to what you do know. Successful ethical hackers also share specific characteristics and personality traits. Here are just a handful.

  • They have good morale. Ethical hackers also get access to information that is confidential. We must be completely private and never share or destroy any sensitive data.
  • They are polite, and they are relentless. It is not just about getting into a program. It takes time and effort to plan and execute an attack with success. They sometimes work during the night.
  • They think like a hacker. Ethical hackers are getting into bad guys’ mentality. We understand the methods used by criminal hackers to penetrate a network and can predict their movements.
  • They are thinking outside the box. Ethical hackers break into a system from a particular way of thought. They actively experiment, discarding conventional thinking to reach their end target.
  • They are based on information. Computer networks are involved. Ethical hackers are looking at all facets of these large environments to expose vulnerabilities.
  • They fancy a challenge. Ethical hackers love to disentangle things; they love to challenge new technologies.