Grow Great Grass – Ideal Seed Plantation Conditions

Fall can be an excellent time to reseed your lawn. You might want to oversee what is currently there, or you might choose to start from seed and scratch a totally new lawn. Whatever your objective is, there will be a few things you may wish to know. The first thing is that everyone’s lawn is exceptional, yet everyone basically strives for the exact same thing. Everybody wants a dark green, weed free, vigorous stand of turf in their lawn.  That is the main thing to bear in mind. If your grass is vigorous and healthy, it is going to fill in any bare spots and crowd out weeds.

grass plants

You can oversee your lawn, and then implement a maintenance program of Fertilizer, and pre-emergent and post-emergent herbicides to restore your lawn. This is exactly what many people do and it works really well. Maintaining chemicals can become expensive over time. Doing so may mask some of the problems your yard has without addressing them. It is comparable to you taking medication to repair an ailment when you continue to be exposed to an environmental component that is causing the disease.

Keeping that in mind, we have to look at why your yard is not doing so well. There are numerous factors involved in determining this grass plants. The first thing you need to examine is your soil. Lots of individuals have compacted soil. This may be from gear or pedestrian traffic. Walking on moist compact soil it and a frequent problem is bare areas on your yard where the dog runs or where folks walk. This may be tricky to fix by seeding if the visitors persists in the region.

An alternative is to pave the region, or use a mulch rather than grass. You may also need to reseed the area with tall fescue which tolerates heavy traffic. If there’s an overall compaction problem, possibly from using your riding lawn mower in a moist area of your lawn, you can aerate the soil. Core aeration allows more water and oxygen to penetrate the ground. This then helps plant growth.

Another issue people have is that they do not have a healthy coating of Topsoil present to grow plants correctly. When most of our houses were built, the Topsoil was stripped and heavy equipment and the soil throughout construction. Typically the topsoil was hauled off and not replaced during the last grade. This leaves most people with grass planted on heavy clay subsoil. Subsoil is void of essential organic substance, does not hold the proper Balance of water and air, and the ph is generally not well suited for plant growth. After the ph is off, this restricts the amount of certain nutrients that the plant can take in the soil.