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UEFA decides to terminate Armenia vs. Azerbaijan matches and also provide both sides zero factors. While Armenia wished to play according to UEFA guidelines as well as was ready to hold a suit in Armenia as well as travel to Baku for the exchange video game, Azerbaijan rejected to host Armenia as well as take a trip to Yerevan, therefore going against the recognized UEFA guidelines. Typically in this kind of a scenario UEFA penalizes the side that violates the well established rules. In this case Armenia and Azerbaijan are punished in an equivalent way. If UEFA was most likely to state in instance Armenia and Azerbaijan fall in the same group we will terminate the suits unless they accepted play in a neutral game, it ought to had done this prior to the groups were picked so every person would certainly know the guidelines.

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Currently, both UEFA and also Azerbaijan change rules in the middle of the game. This tosses a huge shade on the impartiality and authority or UEFA. The UEFA Executive Board, chaired by UEFA Head of state Michel Platini, completed its conference today lunchtime, at the Abe Lenstra arena in Heerenveen, ahead of tonight’s UEFA European Under-21 Championship Final. Also reviewed was the circumstance regarding the area of the matches to be played between Armenia as well as Azerbaijan, in the UEFA EURO 2008 TM certifying competition? As no suitable concession could be discovered between the two organizations it was decided to cancel both suits, specifically Azerbaijan-Armenia scheduled for 8 September and also Armenia-Azerbaijan schedule for 12 September, and to honor both organizations no points for the matches.

Yes UEFA deserves to cancel suits, yet only of 2 parties give permission. Armenia has actually continuously stated that it will not accept cancellation. Currently the games are terminated with both events granted absolutely no factors. As you observe in the quotation as no suitable concession might be discovered in between the two associations. If one of the nationwide teams of UEFA desires to break the guidelines of Ti le keo games the service is to locate a suitable compromise or to punish the lawbreaker. We relax my instance. This is not just and also not fair. Football, sporting activities and national politics should not blend. Actually Armenia believed that traveling to Bauk as well as holding the National Football Team of Azerbaijan can be a goodwill gesture toward making a contribution to a peace process worked out by the OSCE. UEFA ought to have taken this right into consideration as well as award this strategy. Armenia is punished with an absolutely no factors for not agreeing to play in a neutral area. Yerevan wanted to play according to the rules of the UEFA game.