Chinese moon festival background you need to know

The Moon Festival, otherwise called the Mid-Autumn Festival falls on the fifteenth day of the eighth Lunar Month; it depends on the lunar schedule and is the primary full moon in September as a rule. In 2008, it falls on September fourteenth. It is in autumn and is a reap celebration. With wheat customarily being collected in the North and Rice in the South of China It is what could be compared to Thanksgiving. In rustic China, the Moon Festival praised a plentiful collect, as the primary Thanksgiving accomplished for the Pilgrims. The Moon Festival was additionally a period customarily for family social affairs and perusing Moon Poetry.

autumn festival

The legend of Lady Chang Err, little girl of the River God goes back to around 2170 BC. Her better half, Hour Yi destroys the 9 additional suns that were undermining the Earth, and as his prize he was given a solution of life by the Yellow Emperor. Sadly he turned into a dictator, and Lady Chang Err to her their kin, drank the elixir in one story, another it is a pill, and another enchantment peach. Another rendition makes them need to be eternal as well, and taking theĀ qua tang trung thu cho khach hang of the mixture of life. In the wake of eating it, she skims up to the moon, and hacked up the pill which made the Jade Rabbit, otherwise called the white hair and Moon Hare. The Jade Rabbit has since the time attempted to make the everlasting status parcel. Hour Yi turned into the divine force of the sun, and is permitted once every month, on the full moon, to visit his better half, and on this day legend says the Moon sparkles most brilliant in view of their affection.

Numerous individuals taking a gander at the moon see a share on the moon. Another legend is the Tang Emperor Xian Zing had the assistance of a Taoist minister, who hurled his strolling stick that made a scaffold to the moon. The sovereign followed the minister up the scaffold and entered the moon royal residence, where he saw the jade bunny endeavoring to make the solution of life. The ruler saw moon ladies moving and singing music and on his arrival made a routine piece called Rainbow Petticoats and Feather Dresses. Another legend is of Wu Gang, the Moon’s Woodcutter. He attempts over and over to chop down the Moon’s tree of everlasting status that just mysteriously mends after each cut of his. He was condemned to this by the Jade Emperor for childishly looking for the solution of interminability.